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ApopintmentDesk is an appointment scheduling system that fully automates every aspect of the process for complete efficiency. Our software is unlike any other online appointment scheduling system in the industry. It streamlines the entire process and simplifies routine tasks that your administrative staff would normally complete. This allows for easier task completion, increased accuracy, and laser targeted efficiency for your business operations. This software can be used for different industries including the medical field for patient appointment scheduling. It is primarily for enterprises and large business as well as small business organizations.

Some of The Features of AppointmentDesk Include:

  1. Online Customer Automated Appointment Scheduling
  2. IVR Phone Appointment Scheduling for Customers
  3. SMS Appointment Reminder Capabilities
  4. Online Scheduling Capabilities For Administrative Staff

Fully Customized Solutions

AppointmentDesk is a highly configurable software that can be customized to meet your personal business needs. We can fully customize this software with individual user accounts and many more specialized features. Many different industries can utilize this software including companies in Healthcare, Retail, Service Centers, Corporate, Educational, Financial, and Legal. With AppointmentDesk software, your enterprise can reduce costs, eliminate cancellations and no shows, enhance business perception and improve office efficiency. bsite.


Who can benefit from this product?
Key Benefits
  • Reduce Costs.
  • Improve resource utilization.
  • Reduce cancellation and no-shows.
  • Better reporting and configuration.
  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Increase employee productivity.
Product Literature

How does AppointmentDesk™ work?

AppointmentDesk can be accessed by your subscribers or patients at any time of the day. As an online, web based software, it is accessible by computer or phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for their complete convenience. This simple online interface can be used in only 3 easy steps as the voice prompts are simple and easy to understand. AppointmentDesk can be used by administrative staff for phone appointment scheduling, to set appointment reminders, as well as generating reports through a web based admin portal.

For additional information about how AppointmentDesk can help your business, contact us by calling 1(877) 2iT-Desk today.

Appointment Scheduling System
Customer IVR Phone-based Appointment Scheduling

Phone Appointment Scheduling ITFrontDesk’s AppointmentDesk™ offers an interactive voice response (IVR) interface that makes it easy for your customers to schedule their own appointments by phone 24/7. Our system is equipped with state-of-the-art speech recognition technology, allowing the user to speak or press the keypad for menu options. ITFrontDesk can provide you with the option of using our toll-free number or phone number with your office local area code, allowing your customers not to be charged for their phone call. You may also forward your phone number to ours so that your customers do not need to remember another phone number for their appointment needs.

Customer Online Web-based Appointment Scheduling

Online Appointment Scheduler ITFrontDesk’s AppointmentDesk™ offers a convenient and flexible, user-friendly web interface to browse available slots to make appointments by the web 24/7. You may provide our website URL to your customers or you may link to us from your web site so customers do not need to remember multiple URLs. We can customize the website with your logo/banner and text (see our demo). Your new customers can sign up and use our services immediately or we can configure and get your approval before they can use the services.

Staff Web-based Administrative Portal

Online Appointment Scheduling Software ITFrontDesk’s AppointmentDesk™ offers a web interface for administering appointment schedules, setting up business hours, holidays, add or remove resources (doctors, therapists, stylists etc.), locations, customize and view reports, and so much more. Through the admin web interface, you can make, cancel, and reschedule appointments for your customers.

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