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SaaS (No Software/Hardware)

  • No Software or Hardware to install or maintain or upgrade
  • No large initial investment
  • Multiple concurrent calls and redundant servers
  • Full features including online services
  • 24/7 access from anywhere /anytime
  • Small monthly payments
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Turnkey Appliance

  • Quick Return of Investment
  • Ideal for small offices
  • Expand to multiple phone lines
  • VoIP inexpensive phone lines
  • Optional failover to ITFrontDesk servers
  • Complete front office solution including phone PBX
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Welcome to ITFrontDesk, Inc.

At ITFrontDesk, Inc., we create software that facilitates all the front desk needs of businesses across a variety of different industries. We have developed innovative, cutting edge products that make doing business much easier. Our products help you to automate routine front desk tasks which frees up time to attend to more pressing business concerns. This results in enhanced business efficiency, increased revenue, and more productive operations.

After extensive product development, we have created software that is uniquely positioned to help you meet your business goals with complete efficiency. Some of our in demand products allow for enhanced phone appointment scheduling, event reservation, patient appointment scheduling, SMS appointment reminder service, and much more. We also offer industry specific software such as our lab test results message delivery service. Whether you own a medical practice or a busy hotel, you will benefit from having a more streamlined operation using software such as our online appointment scheduler.

Robust & Fully Featured

At ITFrontDesk Inc, we understand that your goals for your business include better management, increased revenue, and a smoother operating process. That is why we have developed some of the most cutting edge products in the industry. Our solutions offer unique options such as Android and iPhone apps for scheduling appointments. You can also utilise our web based scheduling software, AppointmentDesk, to better organize and accomplish your daily front desk tasks. We also offer secured digital voicemail, events and capacity based reservations, automated appointment reminder software, and more. You will enjoy using software that is robust, fully featured, and completely efficient.

ITFrontDesk Inc. is committed to providing you with the best solutions that provide increased business operations for your enterprise.

For more information, contact us by calling 1(877) 2iT-Desk today.

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